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DevOps movement is an approach of traditional Application Lifecycle Management.

Aims to promote a new culture to operations development engineers, to work together in the entire process, from design through the development process to production support.

DevOps practices emphasizes on four key principles:

Culture: cultural shift is often required to adopt DevOps practices. Improve communication between departments should align entire organization to improve the entire software lifecycle. Be smart. Improve your processes by reviewing them iteratively. Is possible to improve productivity of your team step by step
Automation: Any manual action is likely to be executed with errors. Trust machines to run your processes. Automate your processes to be executed more reliable and quickly. It also allows your team to self-service across your test and production environment, reduce defects in deployments and create a consistency of the whole environment.
Measure: to measure your processes is the first step to improve them. Base your decisions in data, rather than instinct. Define your own key indicators for your business goals and base your continuous improvement on improve those KPIs. Large companies will be able to determine what areas need to be improved, defining clearly business goals and processes.
Sharing: this is the loopback in the cycle. People sharing their tools, ideas or problemas across teams, or communities will enrich your tools and open channels of feedback and so leads to improvement. Enformat Team will help your organization to open mind of your managers and engineers, to adopt new practices and improve productivity, deliverables and quality of your solutions. Contact us to get a free assessment.